Case File

Lizard tail amputation

by Mario Amaral DVM PGCertSAM MRCVS


Kaktus came to see vet Mario for some growths on his tail which had been present on and off for over a year. Mario attempted medical treatment but unfortunately this was not successful so the next option was to remove the masses.

Now in any of our furry friends that would involve a general anaesthetic and surgical dissection of the mass. However, being a bearded dragon things for Kaktus were a little bit more complicated.



As you will see from the photos, Mario opted to amputate Kaktus’ tail above the growths and send the whole tail for examination by a specialist.

Mario anaesthetised Kaktus using anaesthetic gases and amputated the tail by making an incision above the growths and twisting the tail so it naturally came off (de-articulated).



This self-amputation is a special survival strategy Bearded Dragons possess to help them escape predators in the wild; how cool!



We are pleased to report that the tail has healed beautifully and Kaktus is already back to his normal self.