Case File

Eddie the Cocker Spaniel... A Case Story

by Hannah Darbey - BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Edie is a lovely 8-year-old cocker spaniel who came to see us after suffering from her third lip-fold infection in 6 months. Edie has excessive skin in her lip-folds around her mouth edges which means they wrinkle over, and she is prone to retaining moisture and developing infections. Cocker spaniels alongside other Spaniels and breeds such as Labradors, Basset hounds and Bulldogs can be prone to this. Staying on antibiotic courses for long periods of time is not an option in a time where we protect our use of these drugs and cleaning alone was not keeping Edie’s infections at bay. The decision was taken to surgically remove some of the extra skin in Edie’s lips to make them tighter.


Above: Left Lip Before and After

The excess lip fold has been tightened and doesn’t fold in on the healed picture.


Above: Right Lip Before and After

The infected skin was removed, and lip shortened. Some scar tissue can be seen in the after photo.

Edie healed well and has not developed any infections since her operation, so is back on track living a healthy pain free life!