Case File

Who ate all the pies? - a Case Story

by Mario Amaral DVM PGCertSAM MRCVS RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine

Mickey is a very friendly 5-year-old, Doberman doggy and a bit of a gourmet, in other words he likes to eat and chew all sorts of fancy treats, like pigs’ ears and deer legs, all yummy!

Being almost Christmas, his owner decided to get some mince pies for Santa but Mickey got jealous and decided to eat the pies himself, even before Santa had a chance to get hold of them.

Unfortunately for Mickey mince pies have raisins in them, which can be very toxic for doggies, as they can cause acute kidney failure.

Mickey’s owner knowing this brought him straight down to the practice so we could help.

The hole team got straight into action and started is treatment by making him sick, to get rid of as much of the toxic raisins from is tummy as soon as we could – poor Mickey wasn’t too pleased but soon complied by vomiting all he had eaten.



Not only that, because Mickey stole Santa’s pies and was put on his “Naughty List” we also had to give him some charcoal for good measure – this is because the charcoal helps absorb any toxins that might have stayed in his tummy and this way avoid getting into his blood stream.

To be on the safe side we kept Mickey in for a couple of days on fluids to help support is kidney function, and he was a very good boy.

We are very happy to say that Mickey made a full recovery and vowed never to eat any more of Santa’s Minced Pies or otherwise he will have to go on Santa’s “Naughty List” and get charcoal again for Christmas.