Case File

Freya and her pea sized lump

by Katy Duncan BVMS MRCVSS

Recently our vet Katy noticed a small lump on her own four year old Golden Retriever, Freya. The lump was about the size of a pea, on the back of the neck and quite difficult to find under such a thick coat!



Katy took a small sample of the lump collected using a needle and sent to the lab for analysis.  It was identified as a mast cell tumour. Mast cell tumours are one of the most common skin tumours in dogs, often found in our older furry friends. Because there is a risk of spread associated with mast cell tumours Katy elected to remove Freya’s tumour as soon as possible.



A few days later Freya was given a general anaesthetic to have the lump removed. Mast cell tumours can be quite aggressive, extensively invading the surrounding tissues and so a wide and deep margin around the lump is needed when removing them. Despite not being best pleased with her new head gear (needed to prevent her from scratching her wound) we are pleased to say that she is making a great recovery and enjoying all of the extra fuss and TLC at home.