Cat Friendly Clinics

A visit to the vets can be particularly challenging for cats and their owners.  As a general rule, cats do not feel safe when away from their home territory and are extremely sensitive to unusual sounds, sights and smells.  They are highly susceptible to stress and this can be exacerbated by the close proximity to dogs that a trip to the vets might incur.


We love cats!  All of our branches are part of the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic scheme, with our Nailsea and Yatton branches awarded Silver Standard and Portishead Practice awarded Gold Standard.


What makes us Cat Friendly:


  • Cat only waiting area – peaceful, quiet separate space away from dog waiting area with access to blankets to cover up cat carriers
  • Dedicated Cat Wards and extensive cat specific equipment
  • Staff all trained in feline needs so have a caring way to approach our cat visitors
  • Use of cat calming sprays
  • Cat Advocates – we have staff who are cat advocates and who can offer help and advice on cats visiting us: Nursing Team members - Isla, Ali, Ellie, Claire W and Sarah plus vets Katy W and Cristina.


Read more on what you can do to help your cat on a visit to the vets.





Our vet James Greenwood is a qualified Veterinary Acupuncturist and can carry out this safe complementary therapy on dogs and cats to assist a range of conditions including:


  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Skin problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Respiratory problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems


Read more about how acupuncture works and the benefits available to your pets.


Senior Cat Package (9 years +)

Our senior clinics give you a clearer picture of your cat’s health and allow us to detect any age associated health conditions early.


We can recommend an individual health plan tailored to your cat’s needs, giving you peace of mind that your cat is as happy and healthy as possible throughout their senior years.


The package provides proactive health screening and gold standard care for your golden oldies. For more information as to what is included and costs, see our Senior Cat Package leaflet.




Travelling Abroad with your Pet

The procedure for taking your pet abroad has changed since Great Britain left the EU in 2021. If you wish to travel to Europe with your pet, you will now need an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) instead of the blue passports that used to be issued. This is a 7-12 page document that the vet will prepare before and during the consultation.

Please speak to us immediately if you are planning on travelling abroad with your pet as it can take up to four months to prepare your pet to travel.

For further information please see our useful guide.


Recommended Food

We recommend Royal Canin food and sell this within practice along with many toys and accessories.


If we do not have an item in stock we can order it for you for collection the next day.


Breeder Package

The cost of this service can be added to the price of the pet. Prospective owners will feel safe in the knowledge they are dealing with a professionally backed service and will be happy to pay for the peace of mind.


For 6-9 week old pre-sale kittens the 9 point premium package includes:


  • A full check-up for each kitten
  • A signed individual certificate of health status
  • First vaccination against Cat flu, Feline Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia
  • Treatment with Advocate for roundworm and fleas
  • Microchip
  • A FREE second vaccine at our practice
  • A FREE health check 6 months later at our practice
  • 4 weeks FREE insurance cover from the time the kitten is first brought to us by the new owner (pre-existing medical conditions will be excluded).
  • Follow up phone conversation with one of our vets within first week post-purchase (to be initiated by the purchaser)


Package Cost: £95.70 per kitten


For Terms and Conditions and further information please call us.


Nutrition & Weight Clinics

A large proportion of cats become overweight, and nationally it is a huge area of concern for vets. Allow us to help you avoid the mistakes often made, or rectify the situation should it have happened.


Our nursing staff are very keen on providing top-notch health advice to enhance the quality of life for your cats.


They can offer you dietary advice and regular free weight checks to slim down the waistline of our heavier patients!


A slimmer cat will usually be a much happier, healthier and more active one!


Ways to help your cat with visits to see us

For most cats, the most stressful part of the trip to the vets is the journey due to the ordeal of the basket and the car. Once they reach us they are then confronted with other animals and strange sounds and smells. Therefore we have come up with some tips on how help:


  • Seeing the cat basket is often an immediate stress trigger, keeping the basket somewhere the cat can see it so that it becomes part of everyday life removes this trigger

  • Make the cat basket as comfortable as possible, with a comfy bed and newspaper to absorb any accidents

  • Placing an old towel or t-shirt in the box to give it a familiar/secure smell will provide comfort to your cat. This should be replaced after each visit to prevent it from developing a ‘fear’ smell

  • Top opening cat baskets are much easier to use as you can lift the cat in and out easily. If you have a front opening basket it may be easier to stand it on its end and lower the cat in, or put the cat in backwards (tail end first)

  • Cover the carrier with a blanket as cats feel safer in an enclosed dark environment, the basket can then remain covered while you wait in reception. We can provide a blanket while you wait

  • Do not try to squash two cats into one basket this is very stressful for the cats. We are happy to arrange staggered appointment slots if you only have one basket, or we can even loan you one of our baskets

  • Secure the basket properly in the car, the last thing your cats needs is to roll over in the car. Drive smoothly and have the radio on quietly.

  • If your cat soils in the box on the journey, let the reception staff know on arrival and we are happy to clean up the box and the cat while you wait for your appointment

  • When you arrive at our branches you should be directed to a quiet part of the waiting room

  • If your cat still seems stressed by the journey speak to a nurse at reception and they can recommend pheromone sprays or natural calming tablets to help your cat feel less stressed next time they need to come. Alternatively home visits can be arranged please talk to reception regarding this.