Rehabilitation and hydrotherapy for your pets

Rehabilitation, is our rehabilitation service which offers a range of services to aid recovery and promotes the health of your pets. All patients are considered on an individual basis and a holistic approach will be taken to suit their needs.


Our services are available to clients of Watkins & Tasker Vets and we welcome referrals from Veterinary Practices all over the South West and Bristol area.


Hydrotherapy is controlled exercise in water and we carry it out in our state of the art water treadmill. The heated water provides maximum therapeutic benefits which helps to reduce inflammation, provides pain relief and aids recovery from injury. A range of conditions benefit from hydrotherapy including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Cruciate injury
  • Fractures
  • Obesity management


Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to rehabilitation, prevention and management of acute and chronic injuries and diseases. Our primary aim is to relieve pain and discomfort, followed by restoring function and improving wellbeing. Fulfilling these aims will improve your pet’s health and quality of life, allowing them to return to their normal happy, bouncy selves, ready to enjoy life with you.

A range of therapeutic modalities will form the physiotherapy treatment plan. Only clinically proven therapies will be chosen for your pet to create a gold standard treatment that will promote the completion of your pet’s individual physiotherapy goals.

Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy involves directing infra-red radiation into inflamed or damaged tissues to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. The laser is placed in direct contact with the skin which enables light photons to penetrate the tissue and interact with molecules within the cells to cause several biochemical effects (photobiomodulation).


Laser has the following effects:

  • Increases the temperature of the tissue which has a soothing effect and increases vascular supply
  • Provides energy for the cells within the tissue allowing them to repair
  • Reduces the transmission of pain signals from the tissue to the central nervous system
  • Is pain free, non-invasive and safe.


Every treatment is tailored to an individual pet.


Our Vet James is a qualified Veterinary Acupuncturist and can carry out this safe complementary therapy on dogs and cats to assist a range of conditions including:


  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Skin problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Respiratory problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Please contact us on 01275 405905 for more information about any of the treatment options.

Francine Horton

Hydrotherapist / Veterinary Nursing Assistant

I have worked for Watkins and Tasker Vets since 1991 (yes that long!) and the team have become my second family. I am part of the rehab team at at the Portishead Practice. I have qualified as a Level 3  Hydrotherapist and  Advanced Treadmill.


I also work at our Yatton branch as a Veterinary Nursing Assistant. Outside of work, I am kept busy with my working cocker spaniel, Harper, and two Kune Kune pigs, Belle and Monty, who were featured on "The Pets Factor". When I am not with the pigs, I enjoy time with my husband and three daughters on country dog walks, eating cake and holidays.


Veterinary Physiotherapist

I grew up in West Sussex where a love of horse riding pointed me towards the career of a Vet Physio. I graduated as a Veterinary Physiotherapist from Harper Adams University in 2019 before I started work at Watkins and Tasker Vets. I am mainly based at the Portishead branch working in our rehabilitation centre, My main passion is helping elderly dogs with mobility issues so that they can maintain their quality of life and make the most of their later years.

I spend most of my free time caring for my animals. I have two dogs; Buddy and Odie, two cats; Bella and Maisey, two horses; Wilma and Gareth and last but not least my Bearded Dragon, Drago.


For Referring Vets: welcome rehabilitation referrals from surrounding veterinary practices for both acute and chronic conditions.

Our hydro and physio therapists only work under referral from the patient’s Veterinary Surgeon. To refer a case to us we will need one of our referral forms completed and sent back to us by email with a copy of the patient’s clinical history. After the patient’s initial appointment, a report of our findings, treatment and plan for rehabilitation will be sent back to the referring vet.

For further information and referral forms please get in touch via or 01275 405 905.