Repeat Prescriptions

Registered clients of ours are able to use our online form, to order their pet’s repeat prescriptions. Prices of all medications are available on request.

What you need to know before ordering

When pets have been diagnosed and appropriate treatment started, sometimes they require long term medication. In line with guidance from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), we are required to check these patients on a regular basis. This is done with the patient’s best interest at heart, and it is not uncommon for dosages to be adjusted or treatments to be discontinued if the clinical picture has changed with time.


If your pet has not been seen by one of our vets in the last six months, our staff will ask you to make an appointment to see the vet. If the consultation is solely for the purpose of renewing a prescription, we charge a reduced consultation fee of £48.00. Our staff will be happy to check your record if you are unsure when your pet last saw the vet.


There are two types of prescriptions we can provide:

  • In-house prescriptions – Just contact us, giving 24 hours notice, for a repeat prescription of your pet’s regular medications for collection from the branch of your choice. We can also post your medications to you, subject to a packing and postage fee.

  • External – We can provide a written prescription to be fulfilled elsewhere (e.g. at other vets, online or at a pharmacy). The fee for this service is £29.00 for one medication, £36.00 for two or more different medications.


Please allow one full working day for your prescription to be fulfilled.