Routine Services

Our Routine Services are provided to offer your pet the best preventative and diagnostic health care.


Don’t forget we offer free telephone advice to our clients.

Vet Consultations

Appointments are available 7 days a week.


Late night appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Portishead.


20 minute appointments are offered to ensure that the vet can listen to your concerns, examine your pet and treat their condition.


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Nurses Clinics

Our nurses are able to provide a whole range of clinics to ensure your pet’s health and wellbeing.

- Weight Clinic

- Rabbit Clinic

- Pre/Post Hibernation Clinic for Tortoises


Our nurses can also carry out some vaccinations, post operation checks, nail clipping and lots more.


Laboratory Facilities

We have in-house blood and urine sampling facilities at each branch to aid quick diagnosis and to ensure a treatment plan can be implemented as quickly as possible.


Some samples may need to be sent to an external laboratory for specialist assessment and we would discuss with you the best option for your pet.

Off Licence Use of Drugs

Due to costs involved some drugs are never licenced for use in animals. Some of these which have been safely used within the veterinary industry for over 30 years have essential therapeutic properties.

We may ask you to give informed consent for certain medications we prescribe to your pet.

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Our Vets

We aim to provide a consistent, high quality service for you, and staying with the same vet can be of benefit all round, as you get to know your vet, and we get to know your pets!


The system we operate has flexibility, so if you have a preference to see a particular vet at a particular site, we can usually arrange that easily - just ask when making your appointment.


Some of our vets have additional qualifications and therefore we may also refer you and your pet to one of them so they can use their additional knowledge and experience – see the Vet Team page for more information.


House Visits

We are able to come to your home to see your pet. However we would point out that in many cases, it is hard to give as thorough a service at home as it is in the vet practice where we have access to all our equipment and staff.


When it comes to the sad time at the end of a pet’s life, then we do encourage a home visit if this is at all possible. We know it is better for the pet to be allowed to pass away in a familiar environment and with their family around them.  A charge is made for house calls, please phone for details. You will, of course, understand that due to the nature of our work, sometimes we cannot leave the surgery premises at short notice unless for an emergency.

Second Opinions & Referrals

We have a wealth of experience and special interests within the Practice. We are happy to offer second opinions for animals registered with us and even those that are not. If you are not registered with us we will need to contact your original vet for your pet’s medical history and we would recommend a double appointment (40 minutes) so we have sufficient time to meet you and your pet. Please discuss your requirements with us so we are able to advise you of the appropriate charges.


If your pet is currently under treatment with us, but you would like a second opinion, please do not hesitate to ask. If we cannot offer further expertise from one of our own vets, we can direct you to the appropriate specialist, and arrange the appointment for you. Most specialist vets will not accept an appointment request from a pet owner - it has to come via their usual veterinary surgeon.

Inpatient Journey Video

We know it can be worrying when you leave your pets with us. We thought it might be useful to show you what happens.


Click here to view a short video of your pets Inpatient Journey...